Want to lose weight this spring? Low carb cauliflower rice is the answer…

Who’d have thought when your mum was forcing you to eat your cauliflower at the dinner table that you’d be praising the much hated vegetable later on in life? Certainly not me anyway before I discovered what cauliflower can do.

It was bland, tasteless and looks utterly revolting…plus it made you stink to high heaven. Okay,  I can’t do much to stop the cauliflower farts but the bland and tasteless part I can help you with! The secret is…cauliflower rice! This low calorie (26 calories per 100g) delight will knock your socks off.

Cauliflower rice? Yes all you require is a simple food processor and you’re off. Simply cut the hard core out of the cauliflower and place the rest into the processor. Blitz until you have a rice like consistency.

Simply pop the cauliflower rice into a bowl and cover and microwave for 7 minutes. There is no need to add any water as the cauliflower is already hydrated and will release some of its water in the cooking process. Hey presto you have a quick, easy, healthy and nutritious rice to go with any meal!

You can jazz it up if you wish too, simply add some toasted cumin seeds, or season with salt, pepper and whichever herbs you fancy! Yum!


Until next time, enjoy!